Room size and electronics Vivid Audio Giya G1

I have the opportunity to buy a pair of Vivid Audio Giya G1 speakers at a very good price. I have two questions for people that have experience with these speakers:

1) My room is 15.5 x 12 feet, i.e. 4.7x3.7 meters. It is a dedicated room that is decently treated acoustically, and I also have an Accuphase room correction system that is very good at taking care of the bass (i.e. tame down excited room modes or fill in bass nulls at my listening chair). Anyone has experience with the Vivid Audio Giya G1 speakers in smaller rooms?

2) Anybody has experience with Vivid Audio speakers driven by Accuphase electronics? Since I've read a few times about Vivid speakers paired with Luxman electronics I am assuming that my Accuphase rig (see my system page for details) will also do a decent job. (In any case, I plan to listen the speakers with my electronics before buying.)

Of course, any other advices/comments about these speakers are very welcome.

I thank you in advance!
your room is way too small it will not work even with eq.
Thanks for the reply Audiooracle.

It is certainly very possible that the G1s will overwhelm my room. That is why I
started this thread. I will try to listen the speakers in home before buying
them, but I am not sure if that would be possible. Which Giya model will you
recommend for my room, G2 or G3?

I should say, though, that I have encountered no problem what so ever with
my Avantgarde UNO G2 in my room (no special adjustments of their
subwoofer were required). The UNOs also have four bass drivers that are
actually larger than those in the Giya G1.

If you do not mind Audioracle, I have another two questions. How do the Giya
sound when playing music at low volume levels, e.g. 60 - 70 dB (my typical
listen session)? How far away from the speakers should one stay to achieve a
good integration of the drivers? Am I right to assume that 8 - 10 feet is

Paul, if you live in the US, I suggest you call Philip O'Hanlon at On a Higher Note. He's the US distributor for Vivid (and Luxman, which is why you see the two brands paired a lot). He should be able to help you out.
Thanks for the suggestion Drubin. Unfortunately, I'm from Europe. (Next week I will be in Nashville Tennessee but I do not think it will be a good idea to bother the guy. I will not give him my business. :) )
NVP, from where in EU?  If I may ask as I will be moving to PT in a two years and will be bringing my Vivid Audio (all of them with).  I know Philip at Vivid and have discussed my options an who is the rep in my future country.