Room size and dimensions

Does anyone have a thought about the perfect size/dimensions for a great audio room? If I were to build one on to my house, what is the minimum size that would offer reasonably good accustics? Thanks!
I have been dreaming about have a 11'h x 18'w x 29'l (golden ratio) room for years, maybe one day...
The golden ratio is based on Fibonacci progression ratio which is 1:1.618..... This means that what ever the smallest room dimension is (probably ceiling height) multiply it by 1.618 to get the next room dimension. Then multiply that by 1.618 to get the last room dimension. For example: 8 feet ceiling x 1.618 = 12.944 feet x 1.1618 = 20.943 feet. Thus the best dimension for a stereo room with an 8 foot ceiling is 13x21 feet.

Keep in mind that this is only a theoretical ratio. There are a lot more things that determine a good sounding room other than dimensions
You can get a free little tool to play with at Saves on the math work.

The Cardas website has some good info on this.
1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597...heheh
Room dimensions are just the first step in building the room, other issues include the construction materials themself, sound transmission factors, wiring etc. Before you start, may I suggest you do additonal research. A couple of books that will help are "High End Audio" by Robert Harley and "Sound stage studio construction on a budget" by F. Alton Everest ( he has other excellent books as well). If you research the archives here at A.Gon you will also find a wealth of info on the topic; see "listening room", "golden ratio", etc. There are a number of guys on Agon who can help as well.
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