Room Setup .... REW .... Umik-1 ......Advice Please

I have a Umik-1 microphone on it's way and I want some advice on the order to tackle things. I have already watched lots of videos and feel comfortable on setup and taking measurements.  My question is more in the order to tackle the setup.

My system is a Goldnote DS-10 to a Coda 8 amplifier to Sopra 2 speakers. I have a Rel S510 sub-woofer and 2 large burlap bags filled with Rockwool Safe'n'Sound insulation I use as base traps. 

This is my plan.

1. Set up the sub-woofer 1st at maximum crossover finding the best location (speakers off). Try to find the flattest curve. Move the Rockwool around to fine tune.

2. Turn off the sub and now move the Sopra's around to find the best location.

3. Turn on everything and adjust the subs crossover and level to find the flattest curve.

My Goldnote has an adjustable DAC but I don't believe it would have much of an affect. I am trying for best sound in a dedicated chair not as worried about overall room.

Is a good order? Any other advice you can share?