Room setup

My listening room is quite small, 8' wide X 13' long. I have my equipment at one of the narrow end walls, with my LP's and CD's taking up the opposite wall. I am looking for suggestions, a baseline basically, for speaker placement. My speakers are heavy, and I have a bad back, so constant movement isn't really an option. I'm more seeking guidelines for what should sound good...or maybe I need some acoustic help, traps, wall treatment, etc? The floor is fairly heavy carpet and the walls are fairly bare.
My system is thus:
Anthem MCA 20
Anthem TLP1
Vandersteen 2CeSigs
Scout with Dynavector 10X5
Denon Cd player.
Thanks in advance.
Check out my listening room specification on my system post.
Check the Cardas website for their room setup guidelines. It's very helpful and informative.