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I have taken years and a lot of experimentation in trying to make my listening room, as good as I can. I have incorporated absorption and am currently making a quadratic diffuser for my front wall. Even though I've done or doing these things, my room isn't perfectly balanced, as far as it's layout. It's a basic triangle 19'x21'x9'. I'm concerned that my TT rack on one side, my end table on the other etc, is disrupting my sound. My listening "triangle" is pristine, but know all room contents has an effect. In your experiences, how has your room floor standing contents, etc, effected your sound? Im mindful about diffusion and absorption.  I find I may have to adjust my balance control, depending on the CD, or LP. I experience this on a regular basis. I think this is normal though. I may be TOO analytical. I have gone from a 3 seater couch, to single listening chair,which has had more of an effect than I thought. Guests have to take turns in the sweet spot. Couldn't occupy thee same spot anyway.  Unless she's my wife:). 
I also have a single listening chair (a wood rocker) and I sit fairly close to my Quad ESL's. When I rock in the chair, it affects the listening experience so I've learned to sit still. I was anal retentive about getting the angle on my speakers correct. Also, I have thick wool military blankets on my wood floors and acoustic foam along the sloping side walls. Fortunately, I don't have appliances in my attic listening room with the exception of a window unit air conditioner which remains turned off while listening. I'm finally happy with the sound coming from my stereo but it took some time for me to get there.
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@handymann - the best treatments I have applied have been at the upper "layer" of the room...
In my old 12 x 15 x 8 room
1.  I had an 8ft wide vinly blind behind the listening position - it was only lowered about 15 inches - any lower made no difference
2. I had a sound absorbing panel on top of a book shelf to the right of the listening position - it improved clarity a lot - guess it stopped reflections between the top of the bookshelf and the ceiling
3. the floor was hardwood with a 5 x 8ft rug

In my new room I only have the panel on top of the bookshelf.

The new room is 16.5 x 40 x 8 ft with dropped sections taking it down to 7 ft
- the speaker are 8 ft from the wall behind them and 4.5 ft in from the sides
- there is around 24 ft of open space behind the listening position

The entire room is carpeted

I no longer hear any reflections

The image is huge and 3D.

I have also applied the vinyl blind treatment at a friends concrete condo with 11 ft ceilings - the improvements were very dramatic.

I would focus effort on curbing reflections in the upper level of the room

Regards - steve
handyman ...

Double click on my icon, then double click again and you'll see an expanded picture of my system. 

The removal of the big glass coffee table improved the bass response and dynamics.  Then I placed a ten-pack of Synergistic Research around the room as directed. Walla, room problems solved.



how well do those blinds work in terms of reducing high freq. glare from the glass?

and are they anything special?  i.e. from an audio dealer?

Then I placed a ten-pack of Synergistic Research around the room as directed. Walla, room problems solved.

And a partridge in a pear tree.
Give me a break, more fuser voodoo from SR, pack of 10 is $500!!!!!!!


These small transducers, strategically placed in the listening room make a great improvement to the sound. You can treat your room in three stages and beyond that put it on your speakers (stage 4 & 5). The HFT's are very small and very easy to handle. They come in sets of five, a strip of Blue Tek for easy mounting is included.


Officially announcing two new HFTs- HFT 2.0 and HFT X that take the HFT concept to exciting new levels. The HFT 2.0 is a warmer sounding transducer and HFT X has more details and resolution and both are intended to be used in conjunction with the original HFTs. Click the "Setup for HFT 2.0 and HFT X" tab above to see a step by step placement guide for how to install the new HFT 2.0 and HFT-X in your system.

The effect of the HFT's in combination with Synergistic's FEQ (Frequency Equalizer) can even be intensified.

What they do:
 - Tunes acoustics, chassis and speaker cabinet resonances
 - Expands soundstage height, width and depth
 - Extends and clarifies high frequencies
 - Dramatically improves low frequency extension / bass control
 - Lowers noise floor for improved inner detail and micro-dynamics
 - Significantly improved all aspects of system performance
 - Unconditional no-risk 30-day money back guarantee"

Cheers George

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You can't possibly be using the SR transducers in conjunction with the Shakti hologram. The two products are well known to cause destructive quantum hall harmonic interference causing permanent damage to speaker transducers (from paramagnetism) and will bend the filaments in any tubes that happen to be in the room.
I'm always surprised when tweakaphobes fail to emote about the tiny little bowl resonators' ability to improve bass performance. Are they slipping? Come on, guys!
I have wrecked many a loudspeaker and tube filament in exactly this manner.  To all reading this thread......proceed with caution!