Room problems-want to up grade speakers.

My living is not a music room. I have furniture and love-seats, and a sofa and a big screen tv and surround system. It is also home to about 3000 Lp's. a limited number of speakers work well in a room this crowded. my current speakers Castle Howards do good in this room. They are approx. 3.5 feet from the rear wall, approx. 7 feet apart(center to center) I sit nine feet away. There really isn't room for many placement options. Given the space I- have, what speakers do you think would work well here? I listen to mainly rock and roll and blues with a little "cosmic american music". my amp is a Classe ten.
Thnks for your help.
thats basically my speaker dimensions,(dyns 1.3 se).try sitting closer equal distances,7ft apart 7ft to front,up in the sound stage a little more?
Depending on your price range. The Wisdom Audio M-50 produce a great sound but need to be biamped due to the Active Brain which would help with room abnormalities.
My suggestion would be go with recording studio monitor speakers like ATC SCM 10 and 12; B&W 805 ( a bit softer and not as dynamic); Joseph Audio RM-7 ( a bit dry tone and not as warm); PMC TB-2...
There are plenty of choices but I would go with fully sealed speakers which has less room acoustic influence from your crowded stuff.