Room open on 2 sides, room treatment?

Hi my living room is open to my dining room and my foyer on 2 sides, but not at the ends.

The room is rectangle shaped, with one end with mostly mini-blind covered windows. On the long sides, one is solid wall, and the other is solid wall in the middle and open on both sides.

How much can i do to treat the room? Are the open sides actually better for acoustics? Should i try to close them up somehow?

Of course i will try to cover the first reflection point. But i only have 2 corners out of 4.

Thanks for your help.
Here is a site that sells acoustical panels that have stands attached to them :
Get some free standing, three panel screens. To test results, hang blankets over them. Move the screens around, increase the thickness of the blankets and see what works. Once you get an idea of the impact, move up to something with a better WAF factor.
thanks i am aware of GIK. the open areas are quite large, so i was wondering if it can even be treated. I will look into 3 panel screens, would prefer to just buy acoustic based ones and not just waste money to "test" the acoustics.

Will likely move in less than one year, so looking for a cheap solution.
What needs to happen is to treat the hard surfaces in your area that are opposite the open areas. This will minimize the non-symmetry by reducing the intensity of the reflections making it appear acoustically farther away like the other side.

Bryan Pape
Lead Acoustic Designer - GIK Acoustics