Room mode ?'s

I bought the Rives audio cd to find my prominent room modes. I found a big one at 32-63hz, and also at 6300-8000. Db's were highest in my right rear corner. I put 2 super bass traps there and it seemed to help. My speakers are 3.5 ft from the front wall, 16 ft total length of the room. Where should i move my speakers? I can't afford to move them out much more as this is the living room and they would be in the way. Thanks.
Go to and download the sweet spot calculator. You need to move your chair to the best spot in the room. Although the response of the room will not change, where you sit will effect which modes are a problem. For example by moving my chair, I was able to sit in a spot where most of the nulls and peaks were not a problem. I used bass traps as well.
Bulldogger gave great advice, if you can't move your speakers then your chair may be your only alterative. It can be frustrating. In my case I wanted to give up, but be persistant and you'll eventually find it.

Remember after doing the measurement, your ears are what counts. I don't have a very flat response where I sit but it sounds better than where I should be sitting by measurement. Go figure...

Good luck!
Thanks guys.
Bulldogger, it's been a while since you've posted. I remember your posts when i first started this crazy hobby. Welcome back.