...Room friendly speakers?

My room 28‘x24 with opening to other spaces. The speakers are set 4’/5’ from the back wall. L speaker 3’ from the side, R speaker in open space. There is a TV between the speakers 2 feet behind the front speakers’ baffle. The room is cluttered with furniture. The sitting spot is about 9’ away from the speakers and they are 7’ apart. I have been looking for an easy to position type of speakers. My list: ~used SF Stradivari ~Magico V3, because they are sealed maybe (?) room friendly when paired to a pair of sealed JL F113 ~Opera Tebaldi that looks good but I see lots of drivers and problems(?) ~Amati Anniversario. Did anyone compared any of them to VA Mahlers (which I own)? I cannot audition these speakers and thus I would love to hear. Thank
I have almost the same room with Maggie 3.6R's and they sound great. Awesome in a big space. In your price range I would try the 3.6r's with a Marchand 3 way X-over to a nice 150+ watt tube amp for the highs (VTL, Rogue, ARC, McIntosh), a Sanders Sound Magnetech amp on the bottom, with the subs wired in as well.

Man, that would be stellar.
I am very familiar with the Mahl;ers as well as the other speaker you mentioned. You might want to look at the loudspeakers we make. They have sealed woofers and are adjustable in the bass and tweeter for any room. The frequency range, in-room, is 7Hz - 60kHz or so. I will let the Evolution Acoustics owners tell you how they compare with the others you are considering. Also, take a look at the show reports.

Good Luck!

Jonathan Tinn
Evolution Acoustics