Room, Decor and acoustics...

Hi folks,
The room decor bug bites me to build wall display similar to the vinyl record stores.

I'm planning to hang 3...4 metal grid pannels that will hold upto 100 records that I would plan to listen in the near future or frequently listening to. The wall is opposite of the listening wall.

My listening position is 6'away from speakers and speakers are 6'away from each other. Their distance to the opposite wall is approximately 10'.

Will I increase echo if I'll be using metal grids (obviously masked with vinyl records right thereafter)? How important is an opposite wall? What should be considered if anything being done there in the listening room? What will be the alternate suggestions from the metal grid pannels?

I don't have any tube(d) components
I like the way my system sounds. It's very well designed in terms of electronic component matching.
The room shape is pretty messy, but system is surrounded by oval curtain at listening wall making a 'venue atmosphere'.
First of all, what does your system consist of Tubes, SS or a combo of both)? Your listening preferences (which will have a big effect on what your going to have to do)? Your room will with NO DOUBT effect what you hear in conjunction WITH your system as well as how it is apparreled (rugs, couch, wall hangings etc.)!
Second are you currently pleased with how your system/room sounds? If not I'd concentrate on that first. Your back wall is going to influence your sound with different types of reflections/absorbing. IMO the record covers will have a different type of reflection (if any) but, the grids will reflect and quite possibly cause all sorts of different new types of problems. If it were me I'd think a bit more about this as, without any further info it seems that you may end up spending a bunch of money needlessly to correct things that wouldn't have to at this point that could improve your listening enjoyment in the first place but, again this is just my opinion.