Room correction room system vs ears….

So, I splashed out and spent more than I wanted to on a nice little Benchmark amp and preamp etc and since I’ve gone that far I got curious about a room correction system for this and it’s going to cost me over a grand apparently. As far as I can gather these dial in the music before it comes out of the speakers…?


im wondering if I simply messed around and found the sweet spot without a room correction system how much of a difference this would make. I’m far from savvy with audio and try to keep things simple for my simple brain, so, on a scale of 1-10 how much difference would I percieve by splashing out on a room correction system?


Same thing happened to me with absorption panels on front and rear walls-dead sound, lost dynamics and all interest in the music.  Acoustic Fields sold me 8 large panels which even a pair on either front or rear walls killed the sound.  I prefer the SR HFTs which diffused the sound with live sound remaining.  Only the side walls and ceiling have absorption (well, the carpeted floor too with 106 oz.plush).

Hey guys, just do I don’t seem unappreciative…..flew back to Brazil last week, takes 30 hours from door to door and was completely bogged down with work when I got there and one week later I’ve made to same trip back to the US…..haven’t been on emails for a week and just opened this - wow, a lot of talk in the last week. Gonna read as much as I can tonight as I just landed a couple of hours ago.

Thanks a lot guys!

Holmz, I wish I could answer that but I’m pretty clueless - I don’t know what both concepts mean. I’m far from savvy on these things and saw a room correction ruin as something of a magic wand that “just fixed things”. Regarding using the subwoofer - I know I’m going to have to deal with taming bass reflections and my knowledge, based on common sense is I’ll have to lay a large carpet on the wooden floor, install bass traps and possibly install curtain rails and heavy curtains on all four walls that I can open or close gradually based on trial and error. Soft furnishings are going to help also, but then again this is all about bass….I’m still wondering what a room correction system will get me beyond that.

You guys are pretty hard core serious from what I’m reading here - I’m too, too busy, too old and not “audiophile” enough to go to those lengths Plus, I know I’ll never be 100% happy because I’m dealing with the limitations of living in an apartment. 
I got hooked years ago when I bought some Magnapans and great amps, I was completely blown away - it was like I had just heard music for the first time but I’ll never come close to that experience again and I know that, I’ll just be content to get the best out of my apartment system, accept lower volume levels and not be wrecking my brain in the process.

I have no doubt you guys would think nothing about spending a grand on a room correction system and I wouldn’t have a problem neither of it was a “big” hobby for me but it’s not these days, it’s more about not just throwing together about $10,000 worth of gear and getting $2000 benefit from it when maybe something like a room correction system could make that difference.

Maybe consider something like a TDAI 3400 or 1120 amp, which comes with a microphone and tunes itself up.

And there are probably cheaper options from NAD and others.


… going slow is often wise.