Room correction room system vs ears….

So, I splashed out and spent more than I wanted to on a nice little Benchmark amp and preamp etc and since I’ve gone that far I got curious about a room correction system for this and it’s going to cost me over a grand apparently. As far as I can gather these dial in the music before it comes out of the speakers…?


im wondering if I simply messed around and found the sweet spot without a room correction system how much of a difference this would make. I’m far from savvy with audio and try to keep things simple for my simple brain, so, on a scale of 1-10 how much difference would I percieve by splashing out on a room correction system?


Yes, room treatment is essential I know. I’m living in Brazil now so the prices for this I’ll have to find there - pretty easy though from pro audio stores for re riding setups. Going to get that right first then if I’m not quite happy I will look deeper into room correction systems.


thanks guys

The biggest factor in maximizing the SQ is getting the speakers in the sweet spot for the listening positions. And some dampening on parallel surfaces.

If you are limited for doing that DSP is a bandaid that might help.

Might not.

+ many, regarding room treatment.

But, try to be as sparing as possible. You can overdo it easily.

With regard to DSP, I would be circumspect.

Remember, when you mess with information stream, you can end up with more unintended changes that you did not intend.