Room correction, DSP for dummies.

I have not paid a lot of attention to audio for some time, almost 15 years and as a result I am trying to catch up on some of the innovation and tech developments that have been popping up in that time. 

One of the more interesting to me is the advent of electronically guided digital signal manipulation to help quell small system issues and room reflections. It seems wildly promising but  the few systems that I have read about that seem to work well look to be  painfully expensive. 

Reports have seemed to indicate that this technology was making its way into other, more affordable formats but I guess I just don't understand or grasp where the field is going well enough to know where the bulk of the technology is and how its manifesting in our hobby. 

Who can help shed some light on where this tech is, how  its being applied and how can I make use of it without selling a kidney? Maybe that last part is not possible yet? 

Thanks in advance! 
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I moved to a patio home where my listening room is now my living room so room treatments are not much of an option other than , carpet on the floor, bookcases full of books , upholstered furniture, drapes usual living room stuff. I got a micromega M100 with MARS  room correction and it has worked well for me. Took a couple of times placing the speakers and running it. If you have a dedicated room I couldn't say this approach is better than room treatments but it works well in my case. I can tell a big difference between the correction on and off as it gives you  the ability compare. 
Investigate the impulse/frequency convolution file created by the free app REW that can be imported into lots of music editors such as JRiver (very inexpensive). Will tune your room to a very high degree depending on how much time you spend correcting the frequency curve in REW.
Very interesting.

So it seems there are some decent options AND competition that are already under $1000!

I can just build my system then when I’m ready grab which of these best suits my needs and plug it in between source and DAC/Pre and go to town!

I look forward to chasing down information and deep reading on the products listed!

Thanks crew! Super helpful!

Has anyone compared the Lyngdorf 2170 to some of the other similar products? like the new Anthem 2 channel products with ARC room correction (there's a pre-amp and integrated amp). I'm sure there is others out there.

Grannyring you mentioned you used the Lyngdorf on your Living Voice speakers I also have Living Voice's just wondering how you liked it on them, I've only had SET tube amps on them.