Room correction device for SAP Q's;or what??

Hi,everybody. I just bought the SAP Quartettes. I'm running them with a pair of CJ8xs--triode. My problem is there is just to much bass.--These have the side firing 12 in.woofers, in a separate sealed design, cab. I would like to be able to listen at a good volume and not disturb my next door neighbors.---Altho the bass is clean and powerful.---Would one of those room correction devices allow me to cut off /or cut down 'some' of this bass??---Or is there something else for less money that would do this??---Besides an SET amp??--That last line was ment to be humor; as most SETs wouldn't allow this much bass.
Well after talking to Jim at Nat. Sound in Mass.he suggested the Audio Ricther-Scale for $359; and I ordered one. From his description it should do what I need.
Please share the result when you receive the Audio Ricther.
put them on spikes and pull them away from the wall. Spikes isolate them from the floor and the side firing woofers love the wall support for bass.
"Spikes isolate them from the floor..."?
Stone Slabs where spikes will sit on will help tame some bass. Ideally you should be install bass traps at the back of the room and then covering it with fabric. I would not bother with room correction devices at most they will fix some issues and cause more problems.