Room Assistance Sub woofer

I'm building my system slowly and trying to pay attention to value and looks (need to high wife acceptance factor).

Looking for a sub to fit a ~20'X15' hardfloor, hardwalls/windows, high ceiling room with a focus on music over home theatre booms. Currently have Paradigm Millinia 300's for the record player.

Anyone have suggestions for subs below about $800 new or used?

Hsu VTF2MK3 (VTF3 is too big)

comments on these, my situation or others?
comments on these or others?
I think subwoofers can be one of the easiest items to integrate into a living space. In fact, if you squint, a lot of them look sort of like coffee tables. Many folks like the REL line of subwoofers because they are great for music. The REL Stentor II (excellent, by the way) that I'm using even has a removable glass top, which presumably was made part of the design because folks tend to assume it's just a blocky table or something. Black subwoofers look fine and can blend well in a lot of rooms, but the wood grain subwoofers can look nice too. There's a lot of flexibility in terms of placement of subwoofers, which makes them plenty easier to situate than other equipment. Make sure to remember, and that your wife understands, that music is important to you and that the right audio equipment can make good music happen. If high fidelity music listening is not especially important to you, well then go ahead and have your wife buy you an iPod in her favorite color and add some cheap earbuds.
Paradigm recommends that their Seismic 10 subwoofer be used with the Millenia 300 speakers.They have spent a lot of money on R&D to get their speakers to work together well.I am a big believer in brand synergy,but that's just me.Check out their web site.Good luck in what ever path you take.
If you wife would not prefer another box on the floor, take a look at the Yamaha YST fsw150, which will go into a rack or cabinet. I know, how can a $200 sub sound good. Well it does and worth a try. So, buy with a return/no restock fee and give it a try.
One of the best subwoofers I have used is the Vandersteen 2W or 2Wq. This sub will integrate easily into your system and improve the sound of your main speakers.

The REL subwoofers are having problems and REL is charging an arm and a leg for repairs.
JL 113
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I use Rythmiks. Nice cabinet, excellent performance, resonable size, reasonable price. I would always recommend digital room correction (I use the Velodyne SMS-1 for this) if you're adding a subwoofer. The improvement from DRC is pretty striking.

Well, for my 2 cents...
I have found Velodyne, reliable, affordable, and above
all, they blend evenly into any application.
I have seen the F-1500 for $350, that is All you need.
Flat to about 15hz.

I use 1 along with a 18" Velodyne, and another 15" Velodyne.

Listen for yourself, remember the CHT-15, it stomped all
the others, like +6db more output, for one thing.
Check out the review. Even the Bag End, fell short, of
the Velodyne.

$800 you should be able to score a great deal.

Be patient, be ready, they go fast.

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