Room and Placement for Revel Studios

Hello All
I have been trying to determine room placement for my speakers. My room is 22L x 20W with iregularities.

Namely, what I call the "horn shaped" end of the room is 18W x 8L feet. It has two skylites and vaults down from 8ft celing to 5ft. The remainder of the room is 14x20.

The feature I struggle with is the end of the room which has two skylites and vaults down from 8ft to 5ft. In short it is a horn like shape. At which end of the room should I place my speakers to achive the best sound?

I realize that I should try various placement and I will. However, is there any advantage in placing the speakers in the "horn" shaped end VS the conventional shaped end?
In response to your last paragraph, I don't think there is any advantage, in fact I would suspect the opposite. One thing to consider, given the width of your room, is to try setting up your speakers on the long wall - that should pretty much take your horn shapped 'side wall' out of the issue. Personally I've never cared for the sound of long wall set ups, but a lot of folks really like it.

As you say, try them all, that is really the only way you will know.
You might be better to sit in the wide open part of the room. If you sit at the low ceiling end then you will get reflections from the change in ceiling height and room width (an interfcae that will be all too close to where you sit). It is always better for the sound to go from narrow to wider than to go from wide to narrow. It is always best to sit away from reflections and by placing your speakers out into the room (6 feet from the back wall) then you can largely eliminate reflections from the lower ceiling and width and the interface between the two parts of your room. Since you have 14 feet of space in the wider part of the room then you could place your listening chair 6 to 8 feet into the room roughly 8 to 10 feet from your speakers.
Good point Shadorne, I never thought about the possibility that the OP would sit in that area. I agree with your suggestions if he can't sit within the 14x20 ft area. I would equally recommend that he not put his speakers in the area you thought he might sit.

Newbee and Shadorne

Thank you both very much, I will avoid placement in the "narrow" end of the room.