Room Acoustics With Vaulted Ceiling

Hey Goners--I did a search and did not see a thread sufficiently similar to my situation. About to move in a few weeks. Right now my system http://https// is in a small, rectangular room (11.7 W X 17.3 L X 7.5 H). Speakers are on the short wall spaced nearly 8 feet apart and I am sitting around 10 feet away. The sound is surprisingly good for such a tight space. The new room is larger (13.6 W X 23.5 L X 8 H) with a vaulted ceiling that rises to at least 14 feet at the center of the room. I'm going to set up on the short wall again (no choice on this one) and am wondering what I can expect in terms of room acoustics. For those who have experience with a similar room, what blessings and curses would you anticipate? I'll circle back after the move with an update but any suggestions for room treatments etc. are welcome.
In about three weeks we'll be moving into a new home, one with an "open concept" kitchen, dining area & living room, the latter two with vaulted ceilings.

I purchased a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless speakers for streaming, which will live on either side of the hutch in the dining area.  The room has wood floors and oriental rugs, so I'm hoping it's not too "boomy".

Fortunately, I'll have my own "man cave" for my high end system.
My medium large main listening room has a ceiling sloping up from about 9 feet on one side (where the gear is) to 16 feet or so above the back wall which I sit a few feet in front of...this helps with the sound as the non parallel floor and ceiling tend to not reinforce each other, and one end of the room just goes on through to the kitchen and beyond (putting the "great" in Great Room). Luckily the room sounds excellent  (damped by furniture and a large rug) and my two subs help each other to tame untoward bass boom. I like it, it's good. 
Actually for those of us who can do math, the vault is a free swarm of sorts Eric, but you already knew that.
Back to the OP, some of the best rooms in have been in ( recording and playback ) feature vaulted ceilings. Tell us more about surfaces, materials and furnishings before we launch into the treatment war...
Will the vaulted ceiling go L to R (with the system) with the high point in the middle or will it go front to back with the high point in the middle of the longer length? I’ll assume the latter.  If so, you will want absorption on that angle that will send reflections back down right to the back/top of your head.
Also with that width, you may want to try diffusion rather than absorption at first and/or second reflection on side walls. 
Off topic, dodgealum, do you have the VTSP-360 yet? But maybe we could PM to chat about it...