Room Acoustics--Stereophile Soapbox

As part of my occupational hazard I'm always looking around for topics relating to room acoustics. This weeks Stereophile Soapbox covers room acoustics. Just thought some people (other than myself of course) might be interested. While I'm on this topic, when do you think we'll get a forum section on acoustics / room treatment at A-gon?
Gosh, I'd love a section like that. Its so hard to sort through all these Misc. postings to find people interested in the acoustic performance of the room their $100,000 system plays in...
I agree...I think it would be a great addition.
Count me in for an acoustics section. I am about to start rebuilding my garage/studio and would love more info and advise.
Rives, don't you know all you need to do is change your interconnects and speaker cable? Gee wiz, man, don't you read the posts here? [:)]

Cmo: Contact us--and visit our website, there's a lot of free information there. Particularly in the listening room --it's a tutorial on listening room issues.

Charlie: Riiiiggggghhhhtttt.
The biggest fix for room acoustics? Open the windows! Of course, you'll have to live on a Midwestern farm or have very tolerant neighbours :-) But it does usually work wonders for eliminating standing waves.

You can also weigh up the cost/benefit of spending $2000 on a used TACT (or alternatively the RIVES) unit or spending the same money on some high WAF room treatments like heavier drapes or a couple of new couches or wall hangings.