Room Acoustics

I pushed my 34" widescreen TV back more towards the front wall yesterday, getting it out of the way of the 2 speakers thinking of improving the sound. The soundstage did expand, but the imaging was less defined. Does putting a television between a pair of speakers actually improve their imaging? Are their any advantages as to put a big object between the 2 speakers?
Just keep moving things around until you like it. Too many factors are involved so nobody can answer your question without taking all other aspects into consideration.
I don't watch TV, so haven't tried it. But everything I've read says putting a TV between speakers is a major no no. Do a search on Audio Asylum.
Putting a TV between two speakers does affect the soundstage. However, I have found that by moving the TV forward/backward in small increments, I found a location that minimizes the damage.
A TV does affect soundstaging dramatically due to acoustic reflections from the screen. But everyone seems to agree problems can be made less noticable by moving TV forward/backward in relation to speakers.
I'm sure it depends on all the ingredients, but if you move your speakers far enough out from the back wall, you should minimize any negative impact.

In my case, when I had a 50 inch rear projection back and between my speakers, the only noticeable affect was that the soundstage was raised about 3 or 4 feet. Which I kinda' liked.

FWIW, my speakers were about 5.5 ft from the back wall to the front face of the speaker cabinet.

I went from a big monster RPTV to a 50" wall mount plasma between my speakers and everything about the sound improved big time............
Imaging, Soundstage, bass response, etc...
It was like my speakers (B&W N802) were set free.
I will never go back to the big box.