Room acoustics


What would be the pro's and con's with a room with the following dimensions and characteristics.

23' x 19' x 11' . My sidewalls are almost 5' high and the ceiling then goes up the 11' peak which runs down the center of the room. Lot's of hard surfaces but that can be addressed. I'm currently set up downstairs with a 9' ceiling but I'm set up against the long wall playing across the room and there are also enclosed stairs with a landing right next to my right speaker. The room is not a perfect rectangle. My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Strauss' with side firing woofers. Vienna recommends woofers facing out which they are not at the moment due to room restristions. Amplification is Cary SLP 98 and TAD 1000's mono blocks with KT88's. 

Thank you and I look forward to any input and suggestions.
Wow, I see a lot of problems. Recommend you contact someone at GIK acoustics or another firm that deals with room acoutics. They will request a layout and dimensions and provide you with recommendations. I had 2 firms look at my layout and both had very similar recommendations. I heeded their advice and could not be happier. Be sure they are reputable though.
By the way their analyzing and recommendations were FREE!