Room Acoustic Treatment with High WAF?

Curious to know if anyone out there knows of great looking acoustic treatments that even a wife could love... :) My room is LIVE! and needs a lot of help. I've been thinking of making some sound panels that look like "art" and hanging them on the wall... Is this effective at not only satisfying our significant others but curing the acoustic issues as well? I'd like to know if anyone has done this with much success and if anyone has suggestions. What are some suggested materials? Where can I find the materials?
Are there pre-made NICE looking acoustic panels? HELP!!

The Echobuster panels look pretty nice. The WAF is a tuff issue to get past, though.
The two sites I have provided below have specialty wall treatments that are beautiful and effective enough to be used in many sound applications, including home systems and recording studios.

Both of these systems have hidden adjustable acoustic control panels, combined with decorator fabrics to meet the decor requirements required by your wife. Best luck on this project, I am applying some of this technology to my own listening room very soon.
My wife must be an angel: she can see my DIY RPG-style diffusors as modern sculpture. You might try your wife out on some of the pics on the RPG web site: My Styrofoam copies can be painted like the walls, but wild colors might REALLY make them look like modern art. Just a wild idea. It's really hard to have a normal living room look and good sound. I wish you luck.
Also check out for what I think are some cost effective solutions. They will make custom panel sizes and discuss other possibilities also-Good luck.
I have four large Tower Cube Traps that my wife finds pretty acceptable (try putting baskets of silk flowers on top, and she'll think it's a decorator "statement". Also, if your wife likes quilts or wall hangings, have her pick one out, and then have ASC (the tube trap folks) custom make a 1" thick panel to put behind it.
I bought a set(6)of demo RPGs level one (charcoal) from Audio Advisor. Not bad looking at all and not a bad price either(reg. $69.95, demos $39.95!!!).

Try getting your wife into participating in the decor...tell her how 'important' is her feedback.

I wish you the best.