Rookie has tubes Qs.

I'm thinking of freshly involve with integrated tubes, thus lots of rooky's Qs. Budget to spend around $2K or less.
1/ what's the main characteristic and reliablility of Manley Stingray, Pathos Classic One M2, Primaluna Dialogue 2?
2/ Which other great entry level integrated tubes will have enough juice to drive any power hungry bookshelves?

*** I'd like my music soft, romanic, forgiving, easy to the ears, but, still, highly enjoy accurate and great sound quality.
Thanks for your time >>>> Marry Xmas and happy new year.<<<
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Add Rogue Audio TempestII and Cronus to your list.BTW,what are your power hungry bookshelves?
Primaluna has many rave reviews and adaptive auto bias for the power tubes which eliminates much of the fuss and worry for tube newbies.