rookie drunk move

drinking beers and screwing around with wiring... prob lots of horror stories from that combo that would be an interesting topic for another thread. For me, i was re-wiring my speakers when i realized afterward that the amps were still on (Nuforce Ref 8). Luckily, everything appears to be working. However, i THINK i notice a slight degradation in sound. So my, i guess, somewhat newb question is this..if everything appears to be working and no definitive loss, am i just psyching myself out in hearing 'lesser' sound because I know what I did? Guess what i'm asking is -- do amps either work or not, and not capable of 'slight' degradation in sound due to something like what i did.
Tony don't sweat it
If you had caused any harm, you'd know it by the sound, or lack thereof...

Having said that, the equipment is not at all bulletproof; such bonehead manuevers have caused many of us a lot of grief, weeping, wailing, knashing of teeth ...

Regarding your 'rewiring' did you actually change cabling? That could explain a perceived difference in sonic signature.

Not sure what 'screwing around with wiring' actually means... but maybe the connectins of the cables need some cleansing or rechecked for tightness... however I'd not use the alcohol in the beer to clean with... Alcohol, regardless the form, is only a temporary remedy and not the actual solution.... try a lager.
What Bob said sounds correct to me however as Blindjim asked, what did you actually do?
Have another beer, it will sound better :)
You're fine. If you blew a fuse, you would have no sound at all.
Better yet with single malt scotch or black tar heroin.
Call your local AA, sounds like you have a drinking problem.
Who can afford single malt scotch?
And get a real amp !!!
Maybe you wired out of phase?
Great choice in a amp Tholt dont let loose comments such as above by Slikric3000 do anything but feel for him hes the one missing out on superior sound. With Nuforce amps if you do have one channel out after a mishap what you need to do is turn off the amps and unplug them wait a few seconds and plug them in again and turn on. This resets the power supply for full use again.

Even when straight we all make mistakes with our systems at times. Now get some single malt Scotch for a better tasting buzz and enjoy your music now while you can.
ok ok ok, first off thanks all to
1. caring about my sobriety,
2. recommending booze alternates,
3. giving me sh*t

deserving of all (though it was quite a tasty unfiltered wheat, hence the desire to drink more instead of less).

The cabling I was modifying was just re-insterting jumpers that had been there before.

I guess the real point of my question is what some of you pretty much alluded to...amps either work or dont? there would be no sound at all, not just a slight degradation in sound if I really screwed something up. I'll try unplugging the amps and then in again to be sure.

thanks for the advice and ribbing :)
trashed my first cartridge that way.. Decca gold...
Looks like you passed the test.
We'll drink to you!
I'm certain all is well with your "system", audio system, that is.

Now, if I could just get Viridian to stop replaying his bawa stwiisand music- then he might spend less on the black tar.

Sometimes simply moving a cable about with the prerequisite bending & flexing can change the sound briefly till it settles back in. Especially with active shielded cables.

But if you decide to ensure the connectivity path is as secure as can be...

DeOxsit the spades and posts... maybe twice, depending.

Then Pro gold or Walker-ize ALL the terminations... only a drop or two of either is needed.


then drink as you wish. The sound will change following the drinking. Mine always did... ultimately the sound was muted. so much so I'd just pass out.

Now it's just old age that makes me pass out while listening, so I no longer need the alcohol... unless I'm doing 'rock classics' that night, they'll keep me wide awake!
system is a go. thankfully. i totally lucked out on that one. I put 2 jumpers on each speaker and wound bare wire around the posts. The thought of all the close calls I unknowingly took is shuddering.

Tholt now you can Rock and Roll enjoy
Where would we 'good audiophiles' be without drinking stories and rewiring catastrophies?
We've all done this at one point or another, if not with alcohol, tired, pissed off, moving day, whatever.
My age old response to "Could something be wrong" is, "If something sounds wrong, something IS wrong"!
Always trust your ears, (while not drinking).

Pass me the Cabernet, audiotweak, tvad, blindjim, we'll listen some more and talk about how good the system sounds!
If I could just move those cables....
Tholt.....Who's wheat? Did you brew it yourself? I love beer. IPA's are my favorite. I've had some good wheat beer too.

I'm glad your amps still work. Never drink and wire. Your lucky you didn't spill your beer in the speakers. What a waste of a good brew. Oh.... this isn't the Beer Advocate website? Sorry.
"Don't Drink and Wire". Should be a t-shirt sold on Audiogon
I remember a mishap with trying to change some tubes once in an Avatar amplifier while enjoying the "grape"...never again.
The only good news was..."Everyone Lived".
Jim Gandolfini, an old customer of mine could do public service announcements'...

"Youse knows men,
This holiday season, a lot of you will be tempted to just have one more and then climb in to the 'wire management seat' or the 'tube rolling seat--well, DON'T, Badabing!! 'Caus' you or your loved ones, your VAC preamp, your Tenor amp could become a casualty this Labor Day. So we've set up a hotline for you to call. If you get the urge to rearrange or tube roll while drinking just call, 1-800-MEDRUNK, or 1-800-MYAUDIO, and a 'roller or wireman' will come to your door.
Omniscient Voice of James Earl Jones. "Remember, Don't Drink and Wire". This has been a public service announcement, brought to you by:

'theaudiopreventionsocietyofamericaknowingthatmostofyoudrinkwhilelisteningtomusicandthentrytorollorrearangeshit' Group.
Been there... done that. Try moving your fully aktiv tri-amped linn system around after a few too many adult beverages...I nearly hung myself with all those damned cables! :)
Lrsky, love it. "My name is Tholt, and I'm a Wireaholic". I'm sure everyone's got a story or 10.

Personally, I don't need a drink to put me in harms way when rearranging cables.

Try it with your eyes closed next time... Works for me!

Well, mostly. Painters tape helps too.

I can't tell you though, how many times I've put one ch into one set of in or outputs, and the other into an entirely different set. Yikes! Simple enough to fix, but initially startling nonetheless.

of course, with my rig, I've no access behind it so it'll all get wired from the front by feel alone anyway.

I've thankfully gotten into the habit of doing any change with things unplugged and turned off as well, as sometimes them switches turn themselves on without my permission.
Destroyed three amps touch wiring while drunk. You have my sympathy.
Alright I'll pipe in. I was building a custom speaker using Dynaudio drivers. I had a few beers, went back to change a resistor out. Sat down to have a listen to the change and within a minute my mono amp throws sparks and dies. I still remember that smell. Anyway, I found I shorted the positive and negative wires and turned my amp into an arc welder. It wasn't so bad of a repair for the amp. I had extra output transistors.
So, have you been thinking about that real amp yet ???
I've got a real amp. 2 actually. A "real" amp, by who's standards, yours? Who are you again?
Well good luck with your drinking problem. Your post had some substance, but having said your were drunk which really wasn't necessary and irrelevant, it seems you are calling out for help with it.
Never said I was drunk. You missed the point, entirely. Everyone else seemed to get it. I guess there's always one oddball.
There's an old saying that seems worth quoting (with an small edit to keep it topical): I don't have a drinking problem. I get drunk {then plug the wrong wire in the wrong hole shorting 120VAC to ground through my body} and I fall down. No problem.

On a "lighter" note, there's beer and new power cords in the house and it's Friday night. Let the fun begin!

My apologies in advance for the blackout.
Fpeel, that was awesome. Thanks for keeping it 'light' and the (repeated) laugh :)

Well good luck with whatever your freekin problem is, it sounds like your wires are crossed more or less.
Well good luck with whatever your freekin problem is, it sounds like your wires are crossed more or less.

Go away
This thread took an unexpected turn! haha
I ain't ever heard nothin so goofy in my whole life.