Rookie, Considering Either Martin Logan XT60's OR Kef R700's Set Me Straight Folks!...

So here I am taking the jump into a couple of grand worth of tall speakers.

Direct me please to the best sounding of these two, best dynamics, bass, speed, sound stage, imaging and over all value. A lot of this is the WAF and she likes both the Kefs and the ML’s appearance wise, understand the sensitivity of the ML’s is higher than the Kefs, am driving with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium and just want great imaging and great overall sound.

Have heard the ’Folded Motion Tweeter" on the ML’s might be a bit on the bright or harsh side. The Kef’s I have not heard but hear they are fabulous!

Opinions please Ladies and Gentlemen!
I can give you one bit of advice out of the gate. Take the time and effort to find a dealer and listen to both speakers. Have a plan, a list of your must have, wanna have characteristics and bring your own music. If you fail to plan, your plan to fail. In the end, with speakers, our ears don’t matter, yours do!
Thanks Psyop, good advice. The problem is believe it or not there is no one in the Boston area that carries the Kefs that I can find!
Audio Video Therapy in Nashua NH is a Kef dealer. I just listened to the new R7 powered by the Naim Unity Nova. This combo was outstanding IMO. I own the R700's and drive them with the Primaluna Dialog HP integrated using the stock tubes. This IMO is another great combo. I don't you will be disappointed. Ask for John, he is the owner. They carry the full line of Kef speakers. Good luck.
Brian, I would love to know more about that combination, how is the bass level, imaging, your room, anything you can share would be greatly appreciated!

eag618: My room is kinda of small at 11x15 so the bass l am getting is well defined and deep enough for my satisfaction for the type of music i listen too being jazz, blues and rock. Imaging is great, as an example,  being able to tell if the drummer is off to the right or left to the vocalist with a real convincing soundstage. I liked these speakers so much, i purchased the R600c & R300 to for my HT. I use the new Parasound 5 channel amp A52+ for HT and back round music. Very impressed with this amp.  As i meant to say, i don't think you will be disappointed. I ended up getting these when Kef was closing them out at 25% off retail. Good luck.
While you are waiting for other suggestions I think brian27b has given great advice. You could find another dealer in Nashua that carries the ML speakers and set up two listening sessions on the same day. One for the KEF and another for the ML. Just make sure the amp is similar to yours. That way if you clearly like one over the other, buy the pair you like, pack them in your vehicle and avoid the potential for shipping damage. Just make sure the dealer is a reputable one and will take care of you.
BTW, keep an open mind. Sometimes dealers can offer to let you listen to another brand that YOU may like even more. I did like KEF, but I listened to Vandersteen and liked them better with my music, my ears.  Not saying any brand is better than another, just find the one you’ll be happy with.
Here is another tip to consider. Although many people find savings by buying speakers online, I find that a dealer can often help you, and offer much better customer service, especially with speakers. The additional cost is money well spent, if the dealer is a reputable one. My two cents....
Eag we would recommend the same thing road trip time!

Our store Audio Doctor has one of the largest and most diverse collections of loudspeakers in the East Coast.

We have a demo pair of Kef R 700 for $2k we have the new KEF R series as well.

A killer $2k speaker is the Quad S4 these are $1,800 loudspeakers with one of the best ribbon tweeters out there, this is a pure ribbon tweeter which we think is an even better high frequency driver then the Martin Logan tweeter. 

Also the new Dali Oberon's are here and sound amazing for a $1,500.00 set of speakers.

Just food for thought.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I heard the Dali Oberons in Minneapolis , very nice speakers  that look very good . They were 1200$ here .
Not sure if you are still in the market or not.. I am in the Boston area with a pair of ML 60XT's in mint condition I will probably be selling... if you are interested.