Roof deck wireless Bluetooth speakers

This question lacks the prestige and status of most questions here on Audiogon, but I would value any opinions on the subject. We have a small roof deck with a 4’ masonry parapet wall on 4 sides. The space is configured with couch seating, dining table and chaise lounges. The next element is sound. We would like for the speakers to be wireless and Bluetooth with an IP rating in the event of rain. The goal is to bring the speakers inside when deck is not in use as this is a second home. Does anyone have experience on sound quality for a similar situation? The order of importance would be sound quality, ease of set up and removal, reliability and then cost. Electrical outlets are limited so battery operated speakers will be required here. This question is well below the knowledge base from the Audiogon community but still a problem that must be explored to create and complete our space. Thank you!!!

Check out Turtle Box speakers  bluetooth two can be pair in stereo EQed for outdoors water proof run on battery with long run time  cost around $750 pr

I have a pair we take them everywhere hope they fit your bill 



Thank you very much for your response! I haven’t heard of those speakers and will absolutely look at them. Were there any others you entertained?

Demer Box ported box with plug didn't seem to waterproof and shorter run time