Ronnie Montrose

Please remember the great Ronnie Montrose. (RIP)
I first found his music from the group Montrose, but came to realize he was more than a one group sensation.

Remember Edgar Winter "They Only Come Out At Night"? "Frankenstein". Yes, Ronnie played on that one. Several Montrose albums. I was pleased to hear a portion of one of their songs on "My Name Is Earl". I think it was, "Rock Candy", there was at that time, a little know singer named, Sam Hagar. He would at a later point, be known as Sammy Hagar, (The Red Rocker), then as the front man for Van Halen.

I think I remember him being in the running for, guitar player of the year, a long time ago when names such as Robin Trower, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van-Halen, Brian May would regularly appear in the running.

I'm going to play his works tonight, starting with Montrose, first lp. I'm Hot Sweet & Sticky!!!!!
He has been one of my favorite players since I was a kid!Did not know he passed away! I have 2 Montrose LPs I will play today.I also had a solo album that ,,if my memory serves me right,had a killer version of ,A Town with no Pity
Used to love that 1st self-titled album back when it came out. Before that he did great work on Van Morrison's St. Dominics Preview & Tupelo Honey, rip ronnie.
I have just recently really gotten (back) into Ronnie Montrose/Montrose. I've been listening to all of his vinyl. I have almost everything he ever did on LP.

This is very sad news. He was a great talent. I wish I had seen him live. One of the few I missed.

RIP Ronnie...
I mistakenly forgot to mention his solo work. "The Speed of Sound" showcases his guitar prowess.
Had no idea he passed...

All my buddies and I played the hell out of his first solo release...Man, that one rocked. I also enjoyed his other studio album. As Pehare points out, his playing on Van Morrison's albums (as well as others) was brilliant.

RIP Ronnie...
For RONNIE! Come on Poepole! Let let a sopng rooloff of hih instumental lp "The Speed Of Sonund". For Ronnie!Either "Zero G, or "outermarkeer Inbound" LETS DOITFor ONE OF THe FORGOTTEN GREARS!!!!Lets all go to you tubt for "Zero G thenOutermarker inboumd. Are awe READY!!!Q!!!!
Lay off the booze while you're on the computer Slaw.
I got to see Ronnie live in Sacramento, 1976. I love Space Station #5, Rock Candy, Bad Moter Scooter, and Twenty Flight Rock!
Nice one Slaw... (way more fun to read than most A'gon comments). Have to agree that Outer Marker Inbound from Speed of Sound is a %$#**!! classic... didn't see it showing up on Youtube tho'.
To this day...when I hear the term "crotch shot" I immediately think of 'Jump On'. Ok, ALMOST always...
Duanegoosen: Thanks, I think. I don't mind being called out. My intent is reverant however.

Believe it or not.