Romulus CD player--

Anyone have any experience with the above product, and or input regarding same?
I purchased mine used and with the upgrades spent $4200 as an FYI. Far less than the cost of a dac, computer, USB to spdif converter, extra power cords, digital cable.........

They show up used once in a while....
Grannyring, the Signature upgrade also includes HRS Nimbus Couplers. Did you install these?
It doesn't matter how you purchased your Romulus DAC, the point is that you got it and are happy with it. I don't know why some people are concerned with how other adults choose to spend their money. Vacation travel, audio components, jewelry, boat or custom tailored clothing etc. We all have our personal preferences. We all certainly have different disposable income spending budgets. So what's out of reach for one is easily obtainable for another, that's simple reality. What brings the most joy and satisfaction is what should be pursued and is an individual matter. You could spend 500.00 on a DAC and be pleased, or spend 50K and be frustrated and unhappy. The converse is also true.