Romance just keeps geting worse

I have managed to separate the left RCA input from its base meaning it TT now just Hums... very bloody loudly.
I need some one hopefully I the Florida area who has the know-how to replace both RCAs.
I was looking at WBTs but after discussion with a couple of people decided that the $30+ each price tag was not really worth it so Cardis or Vampire.

Also the previous owner had tightened down the tone arm lift (The small plastic piece that actually lifts the arm) to much, so it is broken. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Audiomeca or anyone else that can supply me with a replacement? used or new I dont care
Their (Audiomeca) email is wrong (just gets bounced back) and no response to telephone calls, just some French woman talking French and a beep.
The North American Distributor is no help.

And addition to all my woes I found before I busted the RCA input that I need to max the amp to get any sort of volume from the TT. Should I use a phono stage to bring the signal up if so any recommendations.

Please take a look at my system and you will have an idea of what I am using.

I am trying so hard to get into this analog thing but it is kicking my butt.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
Can't help you on your repair problems, but if you are using a pre-amp w/o a phono stage, then you will need a separate phono stage. If your pre-amp has a phono stage, then it may not have enough gain for a low output mc cart. If you post some details on cart and pre-amp we can provide better advice.
After all this discussion about your used Romance woes, why didn't you just send the thing back to the previous owner and get your money back? It really sounds like you got a piece of crap this time. First you had a missing bearing, and now this. That table would have already been on the Fedex truck if it were me.

I have to agree with Oz, I wouldn't want you to get disgusted with analogue because someone knowingly sold you a lemon. Good luck with it anyway, there are very many other good tables which work out there.