Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" Remasters

Just picked up the 2009 remastered Sticky Finger today for $7.99.
The vocals seem better but perhaps too dominant.

All in all, I still think the Virgin version's that came out in the 90's is better.
I would agree that the CD reissue from the 90's (Apogee "UV 22" remastering) was good. I am posting only to say to avoid the 180 g. LP reissue pressed by RTI from the late 90's, which was a sonic disaster (as were the contemporaneous RTI reissues of Exile and Some Girls). One of the leading mastering engineers oversaw the project (I cannot recall who, but it was someone like Ludwig or Marino) and he went on record after the fact to say that there was a problem with the reissue. I bought all three and unfortunately waited too long before listening to them, at which point it was too late to return them. They sound like the band is under water.
I just dont understand how they could release this version of "Sticky Fingers" call it "remasters" and not make the sound better. What a waste of time ! Didnt someone (Rolling Stones) listen to it before it was released ???

Perhaps these remasters were rushed out for greed to capitolize on the whoopla of the new Beatles remasters.

The SACD's of some of the Stones Albums were pretty good.

What happened to this remastered "Sticky Fingers" is beyond me.
Luckily, I only paid $7.99 for it.

Save your money dont buy it if you own the Virgin 1994 release.
I have actually noticed the dominant vocals thing on a few other reissues in the last few years. I think they are doing it as a scary portion of the population just rips the cd to itunes and they want the vocals to stand out after being mangled.

The general issue in my mine on all the reissues is do the ever listen to these on an normal stereo system and not just from the mixing board in a room filled with acoustic foam.
Near field listening in a foam filled room explains how crappy these things sound in a normal room.

Bums me out as I love Exile and that is probably crap as well.
The MSFL (LP) version was nothing short of phenomenal. I lost my copy in a move and haven't been the same since. If you can find a copy on Ebay (or here) grabit. You will love it.
The MFSL LP version of Sticky Fingers may be the absolute worst in the entire Mobile Fidelity catalog.

Followed closely by Aja.
Totally agree with Bill, the MFSL is THE most overhyped recording I've ever been sucked into buying. Thankfully, the demand for it continues and I sold it for what I paid. The 90's Virgin was better, particularly the vinyl British pressed version.
For a CD, the Virgin remaster is the best, a very clean recording remastered by Bob Ludwig. You can get it cheap on E=bay
I dont see any difference on this remaster, maybe will need to get the virgin version.