Rolling Stones - new Live Album -GRRR LIVE just. Released

Everyone - here is a head’s up - The Rolling Stones just released a new live album!! Released 2-10-23

I have been very critic of The Rolling Stones in the past due to poor recording quality. This live recording is amazing!!!

Running it off Tidal MQA right now Holy SH-T! This is cleanly recorded - Vocals are great - guitar and base is very clean - separation across my soundstage is great.

For those who do not know my system here you are:

Lumin T2 streamer DAC

Integrated Amp - Krell K 300i

Speakers - Maggie 1.7i

Maggie DWM bass panel pushed by a Son of Ampzilla II

i am rocking the windows !!

enjoy the music!!



Hare bear - I have been focused on music for quite some time and just enjoying my two systems I have built ( one was described above) here at home. It seems - at least for me - some great sounding music has been coming out recently and I like to share these ‘discoveries’ with my friends on Audiogon. Last month Dylan just released another Bootleg installment of his sessions from 1996 to 1997 - Time out of Mind album. The album is called Fragments. I am hearing detail I never picked up off the Time Out of Mind album. Another great album this last year is Bonnie Raitt - Just Like That. She just got Song of the Year at the Grammies for the title track. This album is just so well recorded.

Anyway - I am rambling 

Enjoy the Music

Thanks Tom8999 for the follow and will look into those choices. You enjoy as well. 

Garebear - I consider myself ‘computer challenged ‘ - anyway I just posted pics of both of my systems on Audiogon with equipment descriptions - if you want to take a look.