Rolling stones HBO Special

I am watching this concert now and i am disapointed that the LF are absent.The woofer on my velodyne is not moving! I have digital cable and switched to other channels and have punchy bass.Oterwise the program sounds great.Good ambience No Mid or low bass is it my digital decoder.Anyone have same observations?
Sorry about your sound problems.Bad mix I think.Regarding the Music,Even the Stones have off nights.Keith Sloppy.Still better than 99% of the Bands out there the last decade or so.JD
I have Direct TV and the concert sounded great, lots of bass. Too much ambient noise in dolby surround so I listened in stereo, the vocals were better. Amazing these guys can still prance around like kids for 2 hours when their over 50 years old.
I have learned that unless you demo a music video first they almost always disappointing.I beleive it is due to the pro audio VS.the consumer audio constant battle.We are at they're mercy and i have seen recording studio's and engineers that have no clue about sound or what to do with it.Come on, who the hell wants drums coming out of a rear surround.Live show on tv suck because they are left to idiots who only listen to each other in they're little pro audio world.I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they mixed Eagles Hell freezes over.DTS or no DTS in stinks and so do all those pro audio jerks.They have ruined many a good verture.I stick to movie,even they can't screw that up.