Rolling Stones conceret lenght?

Anyone know how long the current Stones concerts last and who is their opening act?
I do not know, but your question reminded me of a Stone's concert in '74 in Minneapolis. Stevie Wonder opened with a great show, he almost walked off the front of the stage as he moved from one instrument to the next (playing every instrument on the stage)

When he was done, the crowd was, well stoned, and ready to rock. The Stones came out (this was their first concert in Minneapolis since '63 when they played at Danceland. Danceland was a biker bar and they did not like the Stones. In fact they threw bottles, chains, rocks and anything else they could find while booing them off the stage.) The Stoned swore they would never return to Minneapolis. Well time and money heal all, so they were here.

As I was saying, they now were into their second song, the haze of pot smoke filled the air as some stranger behind me passed another bowl of hash. The Stones sounded great, and Keith seemed to be in fine form. At the end of the second song they announced that the MET Sports Center needed to be evacuated and that they were sorry but the show was over.

The lights came on and we all were quickly escorted out. As we made out way into the concourse area we could see the ushers and security people all had very red bloodshot eyes. The next moment, as the riot police came into view my eyes began to sting. You guessed it we were tear gassed.

Apparently the 10,000 people who were not able to get tickets three months earlier decided to bring the campus riots to the concert. They forcefully broke down a few doors, as the riot police arrived. Tear gas was used to disperse the crowd, but the buildings ventilation system sucked it all into the venue. I heard the top rows were feeling the effects and many people got quite sick, not knowing what was going on. So they stayed seated, in the tear gas and pot smoke!

Oh well, that was my concert that I camped out for ticket to. Needless to say, that did not change the minds of the fans or the Stones. Minneapolis is not one of their favorite cities!

Except of course for "Mr Jimmy." Jagger and Jimmy hit it off pretty well while having a cherry red soda at the drug store down the street from Danceland. Jimmy is about the right speed for Jagger, He was traumatised watching his parents die in a fire when he was a little kid. He walks the streets of Excelsior to this day talking to himself and living a life in a mind or a four year old. Jimmy is cool, he is a local legend, and the city has a foundation set up by local merchants who take 100% care of Jimmy. I wonder if the stones ever made a contribution, they made enough money on him!

Thanks for letting me share my memories.

Rest assured that your experiences at a Stones concert nowadays will be completely unlike what was described by Jadem6.

These days concerts held in corporate arenas sponsored by multi-national coporations and played by bands that have long sold-out to the almighty dollar will be tightly orchestrated down to the last. minute. Ask the ticket usher when the show wraps. He/she will know. That's the way it is these days. Sigh.
The last time I saw The Stones, they played almost non-stop for 4 hours. One of the best (out of hundreds and hundreds) shows I've ever seen.
4 hours? Was that in the 60s? Seriously...

They play for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

They will go on stage around 8:30-8:45p considering a 7:00pm start for the opening act, which will wrap up the concert at 11:00pm...the normal contractual wrap time for the stage hands, lighting crew and facility.
Late '90's
At Dübenforf (Switzerland, near Zurich),
first time the Stones played on an airport, there was 70'000 people.
the concert last 130min.

A very good one :-)
Saw the stones last Oct or nov. Don't remember the opening act at all but they played for somewhere close to 2and a half hrs. Nonstop. Mick worked his ass off. He was all over the stage and he smoked through most of the show while he was singing. Just a little sideline. I had purchased four tickets for another couple my GF and myself. Cheap seats just happy to be in the building. We get seated in the nose bleed section then another usher tells us we have to move to the standing room section. I am almost totally blind and decided to play the disabled card(which is not normally something I do but I was pissed off since I wasn''t told the seats were SRO when I baught them)anyway they get me a maniger who I complain to saying I bet half the people in the asigned "accessable seats"are not even entitled to them. He sends me to CS and after a very nice friendly conversation including lots of sorry for the problems from the GM of the place my GF and I ended up in the third row next to the stage in the 500.00 seats. I could actually see most of what was going on on stage which never happens. It was an awesome show! Oh and to put the iceing on the cake about half way through the show my GF tells me to look at thegirl standing to my left. She is dancing and pulling up her top and bouncing all over the place. Best concert I can remember going to