Rolling Stone Mag 100 Greatest Guitarists

You probably have seen Rolling Stone Mag has updated their 100 Greatest guitarists list. How can you watch "Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott's" and not choose him at #1. Jeff loved Jimi, but there is no longevity to his credentials as was the case with Duane Allman. If you see Jeff live you cannot take your eyes off his fingers and the concert is over before you realize it. Most guitarists would pick him. And where was Les Paul or Stevie Ray Vaughan?
It's Rolling Stone- a prime example of something that's outlived it's usefulness. I would just ignore them if I were you :)
It's an absurd ranking, but at least they got Jimi at #1 right. Apparently they only meant "elctric guitarists"; "where's Segovia?" comes to mind.

As I recall, their previous list had Kurt Cobain in the top 10, which eliminated all credibility - he could barely play. I personally would put SRV at #3, Beck much lower - but who cares? It's all purely subjective, some odd kind of popularity contest.
11-25-11: Danlib1
It's Rolling Stone- a prime example of something that's outlived it's usefulness. I would just ignore them if I were you

My sentiments exactly.
More fluff. So many better guitarists than the ones listed. They should have specified they meant pop guitarists. But what musicians in the classical/Jazz world take RS rankings seriously? Some seniors may remember the quip, "it was never the same after the staples." Flipped through Rolling Stone at Walmart and barely recognized it. Beau coup advertising and insert cards. Yeah a writers story may win a reporting honor occasionally, but if advertiser marketing suggests readers buy a lot more Red Bull and Ketel One that's what keeps it on the rack.
Hard to pick the best without getting all serious about it.

I vote for Wayne Campbell. "Party on, Garth!"
......wanted to stay of out this one but. Okay let the forestorm begin as we have our personal favorites ....Hendrix was great - but the best no.....innovative yes. I never cared for Jimmie Page's style ....I agree about Duane Allman as that truly was shame as that guy really could would also need to look as his dtuff when he was a session muscian at Muscle Shoales. When I saw Curt Cobain in there I went really ???....all kidding aside and I don't own any of his stuff but watched him on Clapton's Crossroads....have you ever seen Vince Gill go at it ...that dude can play ....and to answer OP's thred - I have seen jeff Beck - yes, he is in a class of his own
I agree with Audiofeil. Though there are bound to be some worthy contenders, perhaps some that are unfamiliar.
This just out..........
The 100 best "what is the best (enter component of your choice)" list.
IMHO, Jeff Beck is the best at getting weird or funny noises out of his guitar. Why he would want to put in the time to gain that title is beyond me.

I feel the same way about the jazz school of weird and discordant noises, although I do love a broad spectrum of jazz.
Rolling Stone used to be(60's and 70's) a cutting edge magazine and contained incisive reviews of music and interviews with musicians. Now they just pander to the lowest common denominator so their cred with me is very low on any "Best Of" list.
"rolling stone blows. i wouldn't pay much attention to their lists."


And I don't need a magazine to tell me who the top guitarists are.
:) seriously. they must just assemble all these lists to generate web traffic. i honestly can't think of any of my personal acquaintances, many of whom are passionate about music, who subscribe to RS. and this has been the case for about 20 years now.
I don't know. I think it's fun to read what Tom Petty has to say about George Harrison or Robert Randolph about Duane Allman.

I'm also surprised at how much I agree with their list. They are mostly 50s and 60s rock players or bluesmen. My kind of guitar. Just remember it has nothing to do with who really is best, it's for entertainment purposes only.
that is pretty cool. i always loving hearing musicians i love refer to other musicians i love. like hearing the guys from cream talk about hendrix cutting clapton. love all the stories and impressions. speaking of which, if you haven't seen it, look on youtube for prince doing "while my guitar gently weeps" from some vhs special. i watched it again recently and am continually floored by his facility with the instrument.