rolling diagnol lines when playing dvd movie

help where do i start. watch a movie thursday all ok. nothing was changed or touch. on saturday i had all colored diagnol lines rolling on the screen. they were actually rolling on angles on the screen. audio was ok. the colors were vivid blue, green. red. as soon as i turned the dvd on,the lines would start a little bit and as i played a movie the lines multiplied. any ideas
Any chance your attempting to play a Euro or Asian format DVD on a NTSC machine?
no, i tried about 4 other dvd's that i have at home with the same results. thanks, ralph
You might want to check the cable connectors and/or connections.
Go to, they can help. Some real smart video people over there.
thanks unsound! as soon as i moved my receiver the picture came on. i think i had a kink in one of my cable or the interconnect was loose.i now remember moving my receiver when i was cleaning on sat. the way the picture was, i would have never guess that the problem was a cable. thanks!