Rollerblocks under turntable ?

A year ago Roy Gregory in issue 52 of HiFi + described an interesting upgrade of his VPI TNT turntable by coupling the plinth to Ultra platform via Rollerblocks.
I was sceptic, but giving his fabulous audio knowledge I decided to give a try.
The results were very similar to his comments: the table recovers far more low level information,increased sense of life and presence in the performance, separation of the instruments markedly improved. After critics on another forum, I removed the tungsten balls to try the TT direct coupled to the platform and the sound was uninvolving and flat. So many people are convinced that side rocking of TT is very bad but in my experience it is not the case. Any thoughts?
HRS M3 is by far a better road to travel on than the UP with rollerblocks. Double the money and double the results.

Enjoy the UP with rollerblocks but in the future try and demo the HRS M3.
Based on my experiences I would say that with the rollerblocks you get more air around instruments but you loose LF impact. It is most likely that you are hearing artifacts that are less dis-pleasing than without the rollerblocks. A safer, and maybe better in this case, experiment is to try Stillpoints.

Why don't you just sell the VPI and buy a table with a properly designed suspension? Or, buy a better non-suspended table.
If it works for you, go for it. I manufactured a resonance control device called PonTunes that allow side motion and find them very helpful under the amp, preamp, CD player, power supplies, etc.
Hi, I haven't tried the HRS.

I used to have a Ultra under my SME 20/2 and loved it. Currently I have my SME 20/2 on a Finite Elemente Master Reference with Cerapucs under the 4 SME 20/2 feet. It is a improvement over the Ultra, but NOT cost effective just from the turntable only...all together I like the Finite Elemente system for all my equipment.

Have you tried the rollerblocks under your VPI Feet? looks like you are bypassing the VPI suspension and using rollerblocks + the ultra as your VPI suspension...

Just curious. If it sounds better in your system, that's all that matters!
I use Mapleshade triple points under my Platine Verdier. This is a substantial improvement over the Verdier suspension.
With my VPI the drive motor is seperate from the plinth, dosen't that cause problems with the belt drive using Rollerblocks?

Mike, before using a second platter as rim drive I used Rollerblocks with belt drive with substantial improvement over the VPI air ball suspention.
Dan_ed, I don't hear any lost in LF impact, bass is tighter and well organised.
But as you suggested I will give Stillpoints a try, anyway if not better I can use them under my amp. I have no intention to sell the VPI because I compared it with top other suspended and non suspended turntables and this fully tweaked TT sounds better to me . The rollerblocks are also useful as side buffers when a rim drive is used for speed stabilizing and vibration control.
I must say that IMHO it is a cost effective upgrade that can be done on many brands of turntables and I have compared a few in my system.
Stringreen: can you give us more info about your PonTunes vibration control device ? Some pics and how it works ? Thanks.
I've used most of the ones listed above, Rollerblocks, Mapleshade, Black Diamond, Finite, ect.. Some worked better than others, Some were just to unstable. Go with the Grand Prix Monaco Rack & never look back, awesome results. SRA & HRS are also very high quality products.
I got the best results with the Grand Prix.
I tried Roller Blocks but found Stillpoints to be superior under my TT.If you do go the Stillpoint route be sure to get the risers for the base and mini inverted risers for between the TT and the Stillpoint.
Good luck
I agree with Goldeneragauy, I have experimented with the supplied Millenium feet, Rollerblock juniors and Stillpoints, with and without risers, under my TW Accustic Raven one. The Stillpoints were clearly superior used on my wall shelf. I did'nt find the risers added significantly.
Thanks for sharing your experiences. I ordered Stillpoints cones to replace Rollerblocks and keep you informed about the results.
I use Rollerblocs under a slate OMA plinth on a Target wall shelve...the best coupling for any table I have tried them with!
Stillpoints arrived today. First interesting thing: the size and screws are exactly matching Symposium couplers and so I can directly compare the 2 devices with no special adjustments. I used a set of 3 Stillpoints with 2 couplers on each, cone ball directly in contact with the turntable plinth.
And the winner is... Rollerblocks ! by far better air, slam, piano and cymbals sounding more real , bass is tighter and delicate. Album used for the test is Andrew Hill "Black Fire". No hesitation, the Stillpoints are going back to my dealer today.
Well I guess this is why Heinz makes 57 varieties.What is quite amazing is that you ordered your Stillpoints on 10/01
and not only received them but completed the comparison by the morning of 10/04.It usually takes me a day or two just to decide which of the four sides of my Turntable should I place two of the three Points or balls.
I'm glad you found something to your liking.BTW you have a very nice system,enjoy it.
Oh, yes. Now I remember this 'table after seeing your system pictures. I think this was discussed ad nauseum over on AA so I won't bring up my issues with how you set up your table. I find neither rollerblocks nor Stillpoints directly under my table sound better. But they do help when something under the table is causing problems. As Goldeneraguy said, I'm glad you're happy with it and VPI.
Dan_ed: your Galibier turntable is a completely different design, and you are right when you say that a good design should not be tweaked because already every parameter should have been throughly studied before on the market.
But reality is not so. When VPI puts a new model on the market very soon there are new upgrades to make it better. When Teres introduces the Certus it is for upgrading an already very good model. What I want to do is putting an already v good sounding TT to the next level, and it is very rewarding. The problem is that only me can judge the sound of this system because it is unique. So by sharing these upgrades here on A'gon and AA maybe someone with similar TT will make these affordable tweaks and see how good it sounds. I hate keeping good things for myself !
And it is so much fun !
Enjoy your nice system too...
Goldenearaguy: yes this was fast because my dealer here in Brussels had a set of 3 Stillpoints in stock so he gave them to me to try. And easy to set up because I studied the best location with previous couplers ( with and without RB ) . The difference was so clear that 2 sides of one LP was enough.
I try them under my tube amp right now and good results, but I need more time for that.
Thanks and enjoy your system too !