Rollerblocks 2.5

Anybody use these for a component?
Did you hear improvements and what were they?
Any other footers that you felt were better?
I use them under my turntable on top of a Symposium Super Segue ISO platform. Together they made an instant drastic change (for the better). They change was not subtle. It elevated my somewhat humble turntable (Clearaudio Performance DC, Satisfy tonearm, Charisma V2 cartridge) into one I no longer wish to upgrade. Quieter, clearer, more dynamic. I also use them under my phono stage and under one of my music players (T+A MP 3100). They are not coming out from under it. Due to space and weight constraints, I use IsoAcoustics Bordeaux and Oreas under my amps, power conditioner and power supply. Do not see any need to change any of these until I can afford the Critical Mass Center Stage 2's for my amps.