Role Audio's "Windjammer" speaker vs Totem Arro?

I happened to see an a blog mentioning Role Audio speakers. Has anyone heard the Role Audio's Windjammer speaker??. How might it compare to the Totem Arro?? I am looking for an alternative speaker to occasionally listen to. Some of the Windjammer's reviewers had reservations about the quality of the bass response. I will appreciate any feedback or comments.
I used to own NSM bookshelf speakers and currently use an NSM sub in my analog rig. NSM is a sister company to Role Audio. I really enjoy what NSM brings to the sonic table. Role speakers seem to be a bit more refined. If you call the company, you'll likely get Erol (the owner) answering the phone. I've talked to him a few times and always an informative and pleasant conversation. That said, the times I heard Totem speakers (various models) I always left thinking they're okay but, not for me.