Roland Model 6 Monoblocks

I just purchased a pair of these amps and was looking for any recommendations on power cords due to the IEC 20 amp connector which I do not have and as long as I am asking if you have a opinion on their performance I would like to hear it.
I will be driving usher rw 729 monitors and may try them on my soundlab m2's which are being driven by Audiovalve Challanger 180 monoblocks.
I owned a pair of the Rowland Model 6 monoblocks a few years back, and thought they were among the best SS amps I've ever heard or owned. IMHO JRDG was at it's peak in the mid to late 90's with the Model 2/6/8/9 series amps. Earlier models were lusher, but thick and a tad slow, while later models were cleaner and clearer, but lacking musical weight. Jeff had it just right for my tastes with the 2/6/8/9 series.

As for power cords, the best I heard with my Model 6's were the Stealth Dream......a bit pricey though. You could spend less and get similar results with a Fusion Enchanter or Elrod EPS-3 Signature. The Fusion will provide more details, the Elrod more bass weight.

I've heard them with the battery option, but decided against using batteries. The sound was smoother and a bit quiter with the batteries, and that may work in some systems. My speakers are on the warm side of nuetral, and sounded better w/o the batteries, more dynamic and punchy.

I am using a suite of Furutech Evolution II wires on my entire system, including Rowland 312 amp, Criterion pre, and Capri pre with magnificent results. On my Rowland gear Evo II is very extended, appears neutral, and harmonically very textured. Cost is $720 for a 1.8 meter length. Guido
I owned the Model 6's for three years, and when threads appear regarding Rowland amplification, I write exactly what John wrote in his first paragraph - everything he wrote comports with my experience. I have a few additional comments.

Regarding power cords, it is important to point out that manufacturers of hi-end two channel equipment, and in particular, amp manufacturers, spend time trying various power cords during the design phase of a product's development and the cord selection is quite important to the sound they ultimately achieve - for example, VAC went through several dozen power cords before settling on the one used with their Renaissance amps. It is therefore not the case that an aftermarket cord will necessarily be better. I never tried cords on my Model 6's other than the Rowland power cords because I ran the batteries and I am not suggesting that you cannot do better, but the process of selecting an aftermarket cord can involve a lot of sweat because they will alter the sound, and not necessarily for the better, on a highly resolving two-channel system. If you run the batteries, the choice of power cord will be irrelevant.

As for the batteries, I spent a lot of time comparing the amps with and without, and ultimately determined that the batteries are essential. Even in a highly revealing system, they will not make much of a difference at low to moderate listening levels. However, at high volume, they make a big difference because the amp remains a lot cleaner due to the absence of noise off the line being amplified. Objectively, they reduce ultimate wattage compared to having the A/C supply engaged, but the amps ultimately have greater headroom for the reason just provided, and this is crucial for persons who listen to music that really challenges equipment (big symphonic).

Finally, all Rowland gear from the mid-to-late 90's is differential balanced, and in a revealing system, will sound best when run in a fully balanced system.

The Model 6's are superb solid-state amps - the build quality was fantastic, and in my opinion, their sound quality is surpassed only by the very best solid-state of today (darTZeel, FM).

Hope this helps.
Raquel, you are absolutely correct. . . when I suggested Furutech wires I wasn't even thinking that Model 6 having batteries -- the power cord issue is in fact pretty well moot for any critical listening. precious recessional $$$$ may be advantageously spent elsewhere in this particular instance. G.
I want to thank everyone who has posted thus far and I will keep a eye open for the BPS as I have seen them surface now and then.