Roku Player Anyone?

I was wondering if anybody is using the newer "Roku (multimedia) player" (as opposed to their older "Soundbridge" audio only line which appears to be done in terms of new features/models/upgrades)as a source in their system.

If so, how do you like it in terms of overall functionality as a network player for audio specifically? How does it compare to Soundbridge or Squeezebox say for audio use?
I know this is an old thread, but...I have a Roku (running Spotify), Sonos, and Amazon Fire TV.

I think the Fire TV has much better sound and picture quality than the Roku; additionally, I can go toslink directly out out of the Amazon Fire TV (as well as the Sonos, but I find the Fire TV to be a little warmer sounding than the Sonos and more detailed than the Roku).

HDMI + Toslink cables are Audioquest Vodka; there is a Valhalla on the Sonos and the Valhalla is just a touch more transparent than the Vodka (as far as I can tell).
last I checked Amazon fire was the best audio technology that supported the higher quality formats of the three. My Amazon fire TV sounds great via toslink to hifi system dac. I use plex on it to play from my music server. Performance is comparable to squeezebox touch and other hifi streamers.

I also have older roku sound bridges that I no longer use that used to be similarly good in their day with external dac. But roku jumped that ship to provide av streamers on the cheap to the masses that are just ok but with inferior hardware and software for streaming hifi audio formats.
Funny, Mapman, I believe we have similar stuff is running into a Bel Canto Dac 2.5, then into my Primaluna pre and then into my Ref500s. (I too had a c5i, excellent piece of gear)

Are you running the prime music selection off the Fire TV? If so, any particular albums seem to sound good to you? Any other services you've been able to run off the Fire TV?
Yes somewhat similar.

I have bel canto amplification in both my systems currently c5i and ref1000m with arc preamp and mhdt dac.

I have prime music on the fire tv that connects to the c5i. Have not used it nearly as much as plex to play my own music ripped at cd resolution which seems to be much better sounding in general. Prime music is a nice bonus to get access to music that you would not have otherwise though. I also have squeezebox touch on the same system into c5i. And both sources at their best (fire TV and touch) are comparable in regards to sound quality ie fairly top notch.