Roksan Xerxess 10, shiraz cartridge

Any information on the sound quality of this turntable. Is is recommended as high end turntable?
not a popular choice for price/performance, but it is a solid table, and those that love 'em generally keep 'em. i would compare it favorably to an lp12, pink triangle export, or a wilson benesch Act one. the new thorens 160 HD is probably a better value, but the jury is still out on its 'classic' status. i would take the xerxes over my goldmund studio..and thats saying something.
Yes very good table, if the price is right go for it, the Xerxes 10 or Xerxes 20 are way much better than the original Xerxes which as its been documented suffered from plinth sagging issues.
The Shiraz i havn,t heard it but its supposed to be a custom model by EMT, similar to the Brinkmann or EMT,s top model. its suposed to be really good.
hope this helps.