Roksan Radius 5 with Nemis arm, good cartridge ?

Can someone tell me who either owns a Radius 5 or has heard one, a decent, but not too expensive cartridge that sets up well and matches well with this turntable. BTW, it also has a Roksan Nemis arm.

PS. I don't care if it's MM or MC
I'm looking for the same information - so if you get any responses could you let me have a copy.


Nobody else is chiming in, so I'll give it a go. My guess is that the Nemis tonearm is a medium-mass tonearm as so many others out there. It is a unipivot, so the bearing is necessarily superb. So sky's the limit according to your choice and tastes. Being a unipivot, you can even consider the Great Decca MMs, which will rock your world, though they are not the wrorld's best trackers. Follow your desires.
I searched in vain too. My dealer also had similar feedback to Johnnantais, most carts should be ok.

Eventually just went with a Ortofon Kontrapunt A. Coz in my desired price range, was the cart installed when I demo'd, recd decent reviews, recommended by my dealer who will offered to install/setup, Roksan cust svc responded Ortofons good cartridge and they have not recd any negative feedback on the Ortofons(but of course recommended their cartridges too!), saw another Radius V for sale with the Kontrapunct A.

I looked at the Roksan cartridges and Shelters(since I live in Japan can get slightly cheaper, but not much), lower output. Since I have to get an MC phono stage too, was hoping to get a cart with moderate output to open my options.

The bigger trick now appears to be the mounting. *Will probably rely on my dealer. The Radius V tone arm cable is very fragile. I broke one of the interconnects unpacking. Back for repair, hours after I purchased. I should have been more careful, but still broke very easy. It is a thin flat cable that is not flexible and somewhat brittle IMHO. Minor attribute which normally should not matter, if you are not careless.
you might have better luck searchin' for the "NIMA" arm...
My dealer fixed my TT and installed Kontrapunt A, recd last night:) great svc. Unfortunately going out of town for a few days. So doubt I will have time to finalize setup and evaluate. Will let ya know if anything good/bad. Again this was the cart I heard when demo'd sounded fine to me.

BTW I searched on NIMA too, nothing more found.