Roksan Kandy KC-1 OR Audio Refinement CD Complete

I'm deciding between Roksan Kandy & Audio Refinement CD Complete to replace my 10-year old Nakamichi CD4. both CD players have recieve good reviews so far. Appreciate any sound advice.
the New CD player would be pairing with TagMclaren Integrated Amp & Accoutic Energy Standing Speakers.
I listen to a range of music from Classical to Rock.

Thanks in advance.
Fuzz, I cant answer your question, but let me know which one you will choose, I am in the same quandry..
As a interim solution, I bought a new high-end interconnectors and run the Densen DeMagic on the Nakamichi CD4. And Wow! the sound improved tremendously, may not need to replace for another year until the naka dies on me. But still looking around, thinking of the Audio Aero Prima now. Apparently some parts in the Audio Refinement is made in Taiwan and assembled in Taiwan it is also quite light, was told any ordinary Japanese-made player at half the price would do the job just as well.