Roksan Caspian vs Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD

To anyone with experience with both, any comments on their characteristics please? Differences & similarities? Can one substitute another? Thanks.
the the time it takes to write this mf has changed models 6 times. seriously, the caspian has that certain quality that makes you forget the source and only hear the music...few players at any price do that..the a3.2 is a good performer but not a classic...check some other worthwhile brit players such as the sugden and the sonateer that are on a par with the caspian.jrd@ you own a caspian and if so, what's your setup like? roksan doesn't seem to be a popular choice on audiogon. i've seen recommended setups from what hi-fi and hi-fi choice though...

anybody else have a contrary opinion?

i do have a caspian in one of my systems..mated with a c22II mac pre, quad II jubilee monoblocks and castle harlechs....the caspian has gone head to head with several extremely expensive audiogon favorites that friends own and it always sounds better on a wider variety of music than they own so called reference player from norway isn't nearly as lively or real sounding.
For what it's worth. Haven't heard the MF. However, have heard the Caspian, Sonneteer and Sugden a number of times. All three are very nice sounding players, at not a ridiculous cost. The Sonneteer is probably the best of that group, but also a little more expensive. However, when it came time for me to upgrade from my Cambridge Audio player, I auditioned all of those plus the Jupiter, and ended up w/ the new AVI Reference (very rare in US). Wanted to get the Sonneteer, liked the cool look of this player, but every time I compared, the AVI was a little more detailed and natural sounding than the Sonneteer, and both were a step ahead of the rest.
I have the Caspian cd player, also. I am impressed with it's sound. Transparent, spacious, and timbral tones are very nice, with very good bass. I have only heard a Sony XA7es, and a Mark Levinson in other systems, that are upstream from the Casian, but after reading reviews on it, helps to confirm what I feel.
On Patriia Barber, it sounds just right. It does seem to have a jitter prblem, but that may be because it has been used alot. I bought it here at Agon. I wish I had alot more money, I would be getting a Classe Cdp 10, Or an Electrocompaniet EMC 1up, hearing all the feedback about the break through in upsampling, and how that it beats sacd. I can sure live with this one, though.
Nice to hear all the good things here about it.
I heard the Caspian against a Cairn and the Audio Analogue. The Roksan just sounded more like music. Great left to right soundstage, and good depth. It's also built like a tank, although I find the transport to be a bit noisy on some discs, particularly at the beginning of the disc (because it is spinning faster there).