Roksan Caspian CDP or other for Bel Canto amp

Curious if anyone has any experience with the Caspian series of CD players- especially the newer MK2/M series. How does it compare to other CDPs in the 1-2K range?

I am considering pairing it with a fairly transparent amp (Bel Canto Evo2i)and would prefer a single box CDP that is slightly warm and full-bodied. The Roksan was recommended by the Bel Canto dealer as a good match in this price range, but unfortunately I can not demo it locally.

Any other recommendations for CDP to match with the Bel Canto integrated?
I'm also looking for a slightly warm sounding CDP to pair with a Bel Canto amp. I may be wrong, but I don't think the Roksan CD player has upsampling capabilities. Have you considered the Shanling or Jolida? If you don't mind, please keep me updated with you auditions and comments.

Good luck!
the caspian is a is the talk and the sonateer

IMHO, do not let upsampling be the deciding factor in choosing your cdp. Everything else considered, and this is shared by many people, upsampling has very minimal effect to the sound as opposed other design factors such as proper power supply, ouput stage amplification, digital to analog conversion, and so on. I used to have a Cary 303/200 and the difference between with and without upsampling is very small. You have to listen for it to notice the difference and most of the time, you might not want to turn on the upsampling since it could make the treble sound harsher.

Upsampling is more of a marketing tool than anything else.
Thanks for the responses. Currently have a Jolida JD100, Scott Nixon Tube Dac+, and the older Birdland Odeon Lite. As much as I like the Jolida and Tube Dac+, I am still looking for something that is a little more tonally rich and dynamic than the Jolida. I could be happy with the Tube Dac (and plan on keeping it in a second system), but I am trying to simplify as much as possible the family room system.

Regarding upsampling- I have no biases one way or the other-the Tube Dac+ apparently does not do much processing of any kind and sounds great. On the other hand, I also like the upsampling Birdland Dac- using it's volume control into a pair of Channel Islands Gainclone monoblocks. To my ears, compared with the the Jolida or Tubedac, the Birdland captures more of the smoothness, dynamics, and image density of vinyl. Perhaps the Birdland adds more of its sonic signature to each recording than the tube dac+, but its sound is more in line with what I am looking for to match with the Bel Canto amp. Other than the Roksan, was also considering used Audio Aero, Cary, Naim...
The newest version of the Roksan Caspian CD players have 24/192 dacs. It is a huge improvement over the previous versions. I am a Bel Canto dealer and we quite often sell the Roksan Caspian with Bel Canto as sonically it is a very good match. For more information on the new Caspian cd player visit our website @