Roksan Attessa Mk1 transport Opinions please

A few weeks back i posted a thread asking opinions on an Audio Synthesis Dax d/a converter thanks to all for your reponses:)). I will receive the dax next week and am able to purchase a Roksan Attessa transport complete with spare laser assembly, a new old stock cdm4 i believe. Would welcome owners opinions on this transport as i can find little info on the web ,have heard it gives a analog presentation ?.Anyone owned or used one ? unit is circa 1994.
Guess there is no one here with a roksan Attessa transport so guess i will have to flip a coin on this purchase :)).
The MK1 was ugly with the next offering better looking.
This unit is the Attessa dp2 transport is that the ugly one you mean ? Have seen a mk3 on the web that would appear to look the same , was more interested in the sonics.