Roksan: Any experience with this company

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with British Company Roksan (general thoughts or direct experience with their products)? They have some innovative products. Yet they seem to have different US Distributors from time to time. Is something fishy here or just poor marketing in the US?

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Roksan Engineering was formerly owned by Verity Group(Quad/Mission/Cyrus/Wharfedale)but approx 1-1/2yr ago was bought back by founder and designer Touraj Moghaddam.At that time distribution in the US was transferred from QSD to May Audio, the original Roksan US agent and also importer for Target Audio(isolation supports). I have had the pleasure of doing business with May and Roksan with exceptional service and personal attention. I've owned and currently own a near complete Roksan system consisting of Xerxes X TT/Artemiz arm & Shiraz cartridge,Artaxerxes X phono stage,Rok L2.5 pre, 3 - DS1.5 PSU's, and S1.5 amp as well as Caspian CDP and tuner.I formerly owned a full Caspian triamp setup and stayed with the line out of satisfaction. I've had absolutely no problems with reliability or workmanship with any component and have found that performance is always at or near the top of its class and usually well beyond that of most of its price peer competition. On several occassions,questions that I have had about upgrade possibilities have been attended to personally by Touraj himself. Roksan makes upgrading available whenever possible for owners of older components.For example: the Caspian CDP will soon be seeing a power supply and chip update and Roksan are making it available as a retrofit.This almost unheard of at the pricepoint.