Rogue Zeus Tube rolling

Wondering what people have used and results. rogue suggests rca clear tops ect.BTW This amp is up to list 6995.00 now
Sorry can't help you with tube rolling,but I sure envy you.
That's my next amp when I can afford one!!!
Enjoy it.I got the M-150's.
i had the 120's. Dam do those sound great! I kept saying to myself i dont want to do anything to change this sound. Well i needed more power, so i changed, missed the 120's sound.Went threw 3 large mono block sets including hurricanes dont even compare to the dynamic highs of these amps. Well I now struggled in a ZEUS and my god. Zeus is very pickey about its tubes.Ive found amperex inputs and rca blackplate drivers send me there once agian. First tube amp ive owned that dosent give out when the going gets rough.