Rogue Zeus

Has anyone heard this amp?
Looks like it is built like a tank.
No, but it makes you wonder about ARC. If Rogue can build
a dual mono 250 watt for $6k ( and switchable triode on the fly!),why does the same amp from ARC cost $15k? From the pictures if looks were the only criteria then this amp looks like a winner!
The amp is not out. They had a working, sounding, unit at the CES. I did not like the way the speakers interfaced with the room. As a result I have no opinion. The build quality looked excellent, but that does not tell me how it sounds.

Good luck
Whether or not the amp has been released yet, I have to really commend Shubertmaniac for the issue he raises.

When Rogue sells this amp for $6K(and I do not doubt for a second that they will), do we begin to question the likes of ARC and the assertion that affordable tube amps can only be produced in China?

I really admire the strategy Mark O'Brien has implemented with Rogue.

First, produce a competent product at a very low cost. Establish the brand name and the sonics. No, it wasn't the best product in the world, but it was quite good and served a definite need.

As time went by, the viability of the company became assured.

At that point, the Magnum line was brought out. Building on the formula of what the company was known for, and using the same topologies, externals, etc., with a significant upgrade in parts quality, they raised their competitive level from 85-90% up to 95+%. Again, time was allotted to let the line establish itself in the market, both in terms of presence and sonics.

Now, the next logical step is being taken. Building the type of components that are end of one's destination rather than a starting point/second step.

Based on the track record of Rogue, I feel confident of two things with the introduction of the new line: That they will invest the time, effort, and quality needed for the model to compete with ANYTHING, and that there will be tremendous value for money. Oh, maybe I am neglecting a few more - maybe the realization that North American products can compete with those of Europe for quality and China for price.

GOOD LUCK to the team at Rogue!!!
According to Shane Buettner, the Rogue Audio / Meadowlark room was the sprprise hit of the CES 2003 show. Both of these manuafactures will be covered in upcoming issues of the Audio Perfectionist Journal.