Rogue vs Joule

I have a Joule LA150II running into Rogue M-150 mono's driving Meadowlark Herron i's. I like the sound, but I keep wondering about the matching manufacturer's of the pre and amps. I doubt I will ever be able to get Joule amps, but a Rogue pre would be possible. Would the synergy, bring it up to another level, if I went with a Rogue Athena?
The Rogue pre might sound different than the Joule but not necessarily better. I think this would be a lateral move. You would have to hear both side by side to really tell. I feel that manufacturer synergy is highly over rated
Don't know about the synergy in that particular system, but I've heard the Rogue Athena and Hera sound awesome into M180 and Apollos, respectively. In the long run, I slightly preferred the Hera II over a VAC Ren III into my Apollos, and that's saying a lot as the VAC itself is pretty special! Either of them made more modest preamps sound sad by comparison.

However, I preferred the VAC's built-in phono stage over the Rogue's Ares in the same system, so it's not always the case that same-company synergy rules.

If you can swing it go for the Hera, but if not then the Athena sounds very similar for a more modest price.
Mulveling, thanks for your reply. I checked out you system and it looks like it would be hard to beat. You ever leave home?
Thanks Jeff. And no, in fact I don't (hardly) ever leave, as I work from home :)