Rogue vs ARC

I wonder the Rogue M150 or M180 is on par with the VT100 or Ref 110 from Audio Research. They seems to be voiced as moden tube sound but I have not been able to listen to the Rogue.
The best amp for the money is the Rogue M-180's. Awesome. Ref 110? wheres the bass? I will take the M-180 over the Ref 110 any day.The Rogue M-180 is the GIANT KILLER!Look out al you $10-$20k amps.
Has anyone had the Rogue 120 Magnum <> Rogue M-180 upgrade done? I know the price ($2,895).......but I'm wondering what parts from the 120's get used, if any?

I've only read info on the M-150 <> M-180 upgrade which of course costs a whole lot less.

I've had my 120's driving my Apogee Duetta Signatures for around 6 years now. The 120 Magnums sound great on the Apogees but they run very hot! Even hotter than the old Krell Ksa-250 they replaced.

I directly compared the Pass Labs XA100.5's and the Rogue M180's.. WOW the M180's better than the pass's. The rogues had much more control of the low end and equaled the pass on the midrange and highs. Anyone on he fence about the rogues should make the jump. They are amazing.. My next upgrade will probably be the Rogue Apollos, if the M180's sound this good I can't imagine what the Apollos sound like.
Rogue's Customer Service is beyond expectation, frankly.

Nick and Mark are a team like no others. I own an RP-1 Pre and an Atlas Magnum II and love them both. I am as we speak, ordering a set of M-180's to replace the Atlas and will eventually upgrade to the RP-7. I run these to a pair of Klipsh Forte III's and the sound is just fabulous and I am eagerly anticipating the monoblocks!